What’s it like being a pastors wife?

Hey there, my name is Kristy Lynn.

Stats tell us that only 4% of pastor’s wives feel confident + fulfilled in their roles. That suggests that 96% of ministry wives are still trying to figure this thing out.

Bottom line: We need a safe place to learn + grow together.

The Honest Pastor's Wife | Ministry, Leadership, & Lifestyle

I’m a fourth-generation pastor’s wife, and I have figured one thing out:

Being a pastor’s wife is never about being “good enough.”

And it’s never about performance or image.

Ready for an honest look at thriving in ministry life?

Hang tight… we’ve just begun. READ MORE.

About HPW


Effective leadership requires influence + that requires growth. Growth mindset is a common topic you’ll read about here at HPW.


Vocational ministry comes with unique challenges + rewards. This site explores the dynamics pastor’s wives face in ministry, family life + raising PKs.


Learn how to embrace self-care, deal with loneliness + thrive in your personal life.

Readers Write

Thank you for the time you invest in Christian women’s lives.

– Aimee

Thank you for your vulnerability and openness. It is so refreshing.

– Lisa

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Kristy Lynn and The Honest Pastor's Wife

I’m a daughter of God. Wife to Jeremy + Mom to five amazing kids: 2 teen girls, 1 teen boy + 2 younger boys.

I’m a writer.

Most days you’ll find me brainstorming at one of my niche blogs; the site you’re reading right now, or my lifestyle blog, Simply Kristy Lynn.

Just for fun

  • I’m an INTJ female
  • On the Enneagram, I’m a type 1
  • My Love Languages are “gifts” + “acts of service”