About The Honest Pastor’s Wife (HPW)

I’m just starting my journey as a pastor’s wife and your writing has really encouraged me. Keep it up.


Hi there, I’m Kristy Lynn!

I grew up in a parsonage.

I know (+ generally despise) every joke about PKs.

My mom is a pastor’s wife. So was my grandma + great-grandma.

As if I hadn’t already had enough, I fell in love with a senior at Bible college when I was 19 years old. Jeremy + I married + have served together in vocational ministry since 2004.

I can honestly say that pastoral ministry is our mutual calling.

Since childhood, writing has been my passion; I’ve been blogging since 2007 + began writing for ministry wives in 2014.

My most important job is being the insanely busy mom of three teens + two young sons. I homeschool my four younger kids + graduated our oldest daughter in May 2021 (that was a big deal!).

I dream of someday taking over traveling the world, but content myself with piles of books, occasional road trips + British movies for now.

I know that ministry life has its challenges.

The stats below are my “why” when it comes to writing content for pastor’s wives.

Stats About Pastor’s Wife Life

The pastor’s wife

  • 54% are under 40 years old
  • 41% are between the ages of 40 + 60
  • 41% have been in ministry less than 10 years
  • 32% enjoy teaching in the church
  • 22% said their gift is being a good listener
  • 4% said they feel fulfilled + confident in their roles
  • 60% expressed the desire for more training

Ministry in 2022

  • in-person church attendance has declined 60% since the pandemic
  • only 52% of church-goers want primarily in-person services again
  • 29% of pastors considered a career change in 2020

Her family

  • 58% said that supporting + encouraging their husbands is their most important role
  • 94% said their kids never or seldom complain about being PKs
  • 17% feel like ministry pressure affects their kids
  • 65% of pastors say they have not taken a family vacation in the past 5 years

Her personal life

  • nearly 37% are college graduates
  • 56% do not have close friends in the church
  • 21% would like more privacy in their personal lives
  • 13% would prefer to choose their roles in the church, rather than being a jack-of-all-trades
  • 25% admit that their husband’s busy schedule is a source of conflict

Statistics were gathered from LEADERSHIP journal, Christianity Today, George Barna + The Fuller Institute.

Any of that ring a bell for you?

Yeah, me too.

Especially the part about only 4% of us feeling fulfilled + confident in our roles as pastor’s wives.

That keeps me up at night + gets me going in the morning.

I’m here to convince you that you totally have what it takes to thrive as a pastor’s wife. And it actually has nothing to do with being “good enough” (whatever that means).

Thriving as a pastor’s wife is all about growing into who you were created to be.

And that, my friend, is a growth mindset. Not a performance.

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