An Open Letter to Ministry Wives During the Pandemic

This post: embracing ministry during pandemic times

Dear Pastor’s Wife,

Here we are- trying to figure out how to live into our calling as ministry wives during the pandemic.

I see you, navigating this same crazy world that I’m living in.

I feel the burden, because it’s wearing on my shoulders too.

I get it.

And I have something to say to you right now.

You, the one supporting your husband as he grapples with decisions he’s never had to contemplate before.

You, the one empathizing with your children’s deepest fears and crushing disappointments.

You, the one comforting your sheep, and searching for comfort yourself.

You, the one locked out of your mission field… your church, homes, hospitals, schools and other arenas of ministry.

Yes, you: the one staggering under the weight of all this.

This mess.

This madness.

This mass of voices and opinions.

In the middle of what feels like the confusion of the century, there are three truths I want to remind you of today.

Three things that have not changed and will not change.

Three facts that are not up for debate, no matter what news hits our headline or what mandates our government lays down.

Three truths that I am reminding myself of daily.

Today, I am reminding you-

#1 We will not live in fear.

I say we will not because it is absolutely a choice.

I didn’t say that we will not feel afraid, because I would be lying. There are enough things to fear in this crazy world of ours.

But we will not live in fear.

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We are not slaves to fear.

Fear does not get the first word, nor the last.

Even as we seek to stay apprised of events and make informed decisions, we have decided that we will take God at His Word: Fear not.

Last week, my husband wrote on the big chalk board on our family’s kitchen wall:

Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—think on these things.”

Philippians 4:8

That is the new conversation “filter” in our house: is it true? noble? just? lovely?

We are choosing to not feed fear.

Even as we seek to stay apprised of events and make informed decisions, we have decided that we will take God at His Word:

Fear not.

#2 There are eternal purposes at work.

As much as we did not see this coming, God is not knocked off kilter by any global or American crisis.

He knew.

He has been setting plans and purposes into motion long before any of this hit the headlines and turned our worlds inside out.

And His purposes have not changed.

Nor will they be stopped.

Last night at church, a young man shared about his calling to be a missionary in South America. I couldn’t help thinking, Why would God put a burden like that on a young man in such an uncertain time?

Because our Heavenly Father is always working toward the eternal goal of bringing humanity into a relationship with Him.

Crises do not hinder Him.

Evil cannot impede His spirit.

Jesus has not returned, and that means the Spirit of God is still at work in this crazy, mixed up, desperate world of ours.

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#3 Your calling is more crucial now than ever.

Your calling:

Wife, mother, sister.

Friend, mentor, comforter.

Advocate, champion, teacher.

I know that you are these things, and so much more.

May I encourage you to stay strong?

Stay faithful to your calling, whatever that looks like right now.

The time you spend in prayer and in God's Word has never been so important. God's kingdom has never needed you as much as it needs you right now.

Your role has never been so vital.

The time you spend in prayer and in God’s Word has never been so important.

God’s kingdom has never needed you as much as it needs you right now.

I see the challenges and hindrances; so let’s work around the road blocks.

Let’s ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom to live well during these unprecedented times.

We may have to think outside the box, be creative, live bravely.

So let’s do it.

One day at a time.

One decision at a time.

Let’s live with courage and kindness and faith-filled hearts.

God did not accidentally place us in this generation, in this culture, in these times.

We were created to live well- now.

Cultures ebb and flow, bend and change, rise and fall.

God equips His people.

He always has, always will.

Are you with me?

Stay the course, Sisters.

We were created for this.

Here’s to living well-



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