The Pastor’s Wife’s Prayer

I woke up early this morning with these words flowing from my heart.

I scribbled this in my journal during my morning quiet time, and decided to share here as well.

Recently, I wrote about how to pray for your pastor’s wife.  Here is a prayer that comes from the heart of a pastor’s wife.

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Let’s live well, friends-

xoxo, Kristy Lynn

Dear Heavenly Father,

Help me to keep a SOFT HEART in a harsh world,

A GRACIOUS SPIRIT when I feel misunderstood,

A PATIENT HEART when others expect much of me.

A GRATEFUL HEART at all times.

Give me GRACE for difficult times and difficult people.

Help me to pursue YOUR VISION when those around me only see impossibility and obstacles.

Help me to remain AUTHENTIC in a world of pretense,

KIND in the midst of selfishness,

CONTENT in the midst of comparison,

FOCUSED in a world of distractions.

Help my heart to stay FULL in a draining world of expectations,

LOVING in the midst of pressures,

HOPEFUL in the face of disappointments,

CONFIDENT in the face of fear.

Help me to REACH HIGHER when others give in,

REACH HARDER when others give up,

REACH OUT when others withdraw.

Help me always REMEMBER that You have called me

To be part of an ETERNAL PROCESS that only You can


In Jesus’ name I pray,


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